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Deathwish by Jon Hodgson

Espionage Thriller Code Name Generator

Post by Matt Snyder. Artwork by Jon Hodgson, used with permission.

Your mission, should you choose to play it, needs a code name. Espionage thrillers have evocative titles, so here’s a handy way to inject your spy games with some Cold War jazz. Just grab a deck of cards and draw 2 cards from it. Instant operational code name for your next mission!

Or, use this handy random playing card generator online to grab a couple cards right away.

Example: I draw 2 cards: 4♠ & J♣. Looking that up on the chart, my operation code name is: TIDAL ECHO.

Card Operation First Name Operation Second Name
A♣ Able Arrow
2♣ Amber Baron
3♣ Angel Circle
4♣ Archer Compass
5♣ Aurora Cross
6♣ Bandit Crow
7♣ Bishop Crown
8♣ Black Cutter
9♣ Bold Dawn
10♣ Broken Dog
J♣ Clover Echo
Q♣ Corona Emblem
K♣ Coyote Eye
A Deep Flag
2 Devil Fury
3 Diamond Gamble
4 Double Garden
5 Eagle Gear
6 Early Hammer
7 Flash Harvest
8 Front Hook
9 Green Hourglass
10 Grim Iron
J Hazard Island
Q Heavy Limit
K Indigo Meridian
A Lucky Needle
2 Magic Night
3 Mighty Nomad
4 Mystic North
5 Noble Path
6 Open Prince
7 Over Rascal
8 Pagan Razor
9 Rainbow Rhino
10 Red Runner
J Rising Rust
Q Rogue Scandal
K Rover Seven
A♠ Silent Sky
2♠ Spectre Spear
3♠ Swift Stack
4♠ Tidal Star
5♠ Totem Stone
6♠ Tumbler Storm
7♠ Under Sword
8♠ Urgent Thorn
9♠ Valiant Tiger
10♠ Whiskey Torch
J♠ White Tower
Q♠ Zephyr Weather
K♠ Zero Wind
Omega Danger
Joker Wild Joker